Coaching the C21st Professional Through Experiential Learning

We all learn best through direct experience and reflection. And we can’t fully explore the communication and leadership skills so vital for modern professionals in the confines of a training room.

C21st century workplaces need C21st professionals.
Why? Because today:

+ employees want managers who coach not managers who instruct
+ talent is lost when companies don’t build trust and engagement
+ reputations can be wrecked in a flash by inept and careless communications
+ The 4Generation workplace presents unique tensions and opportunities
All this makes communication and leadership more critical and more nuanced than ever.

Magnified Learning reliably develops these C21st qualities by actively coaching people to improve their skills through learning in real situations with real people.

Our course participants rise to the challenges of performing in unfamiliar real life contexts; they value our real-time and after-action coaching and the unique feedback they get from working with new people.

Through immersion in our dynamic process and its structured reflection and reapplication of learning they arrive at fresh insights into their workplace practice and behaviours, and significantly boost their performance.

Take a look at the short movie below for further insight into our experiential learning process.