Experiential Coaching

We design and deliver impactful cost-effective coaching programs which develop the 21st century skills that matter to leading organisations. Our Magnified Learning courses comprise:

  • a work-based experiential module where participants are observed by our coaches in
    real time skills performance
  • one-to-one coaching for participants’ reapplication of their learning in a second
    coach-observed performance
  • an individual professional development journey with clear experiential objectives,
    challenged and supported through regular coaching interventions

Check out the short movie below for further insight into our experiential learning process.

Instructional Design

We are specialists in experiential learning and creating skill and knowledge based games that exhilarate and engage.

Our instructional design is helping organisations:

  • attract talent to their sector through engaging generation Y
  • develop coaching in their managers through immersive recruitment and induction programmes
  • build collaboration and trust across organisational boundaries

Have a look at this brief clip for a flavour of our instructional design offer.


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