Case Study 1

Situation: newly merged business seeking to assess and develop communication skills of potential managers

  • The client is a global provider of business process management solutions and outsourced professional support.
  • Following the latest annual performance review of the 2,500 strong UK workforce, 30 individuals were identified as potential managers.
  • The Talent Management team needed to assess the communication skills of each individual and identify areas for further development.



  • 1.5 day experiential learning intervention
  • The focus is on the observation, feedback and development of each individual’s communication skills.



  • 0.5 day face-to-face training
  • Online self assessment
  • 30 min pre-course coaching session
  • 1 day experiential course
  • 45 min post-course coaching session
  • 1 page individual feedback report


81% of participants agreed the programme helped identify development areas for effective communication
42% identified presenting to a new audience as a development priority
21% identified delivering constructive feedback as a communication development priority
16% identified maintaining a positive teamworking environment as a development priority
88% of participants would recommend the experiential programme for effective professional development


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