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Transformation not Found in Fortune Cookies

Looking at our Twitter feed I occasionally mistake myself for a waiter gathering up discarded fortune cookie slips. Naturally, the need to communicate in just 140 characters can incline a writer towards aphorisms; my colleagues and I have posted more than a few ourselves. The trouble is, aphorisms invariably generalise, and it’s rare to find […]

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The 11th Commandment: Follow, Learn, Adapt

A friend recently posted a link to a quiz purporting to determine whether the respondent is a better manager or leader. Those in the highest scoring bracket (36-40 points) are awarded “Moses” status and informed: “Your vision is powerful and persuasive. You have the ability to convince large groups of people to pick up and […]

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Boxing Clever for Resilience

It’s a truism that moving house is a stressful life event and it’s something I can attest to for myself. Having lived in the same urban property for over 20 years, I have just upped sticks with my family for a new rural location. I’m not a big fan of moving, but even I’ve been […]

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Coaching the Coach for Trust and Engagement

A letter published earlier this week in the Guardian got under my skin a bit. Signed by over 80 respected educationists from around the globe, it was highly critical of the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa). I wasn’t at all irked by the target of the letter writers’ attack; I’m one of those […]

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