What is Magnified Learning?

Magnified Learning is a structured approach to experiential learning, designed specifically to enhance skills for leadership and professional communication.

Participants undertake an intense learning journey, yielding personal insight and behavioural change.

We achieve this through a blend of:

  • self and 360° assessment
  • classroom pre-training
  • one or more immersive experiences in unfamiliar, real-life business-relevant situations
  • real-time action-coaching and observation
  • first-impressions feedback from unfamiliar others
  • post-experience 1:1 coaching
  • detailed and specific development planning
  • longitudinal follow-up

Our courses

Our courses develop the skills and qualities essential for C21st professional performance. They do this through a unique and powerful combination of real experience, real-time coaching and after-action coaching.

Each course falls into one of three categories:

  • Coaching for Leadership
  • Coaching for Communication
  • Coaching for Talent Attraction

Our approach is underpinned by Magnified Learning’s Framework for C21st Professional Excellence. This understands participants to have agency in three crucial domains:

  • the personal
  • the team
  • the whole organisation

Course duration

A typical Magnified Learning course involves participants and coaches working together for between 1.5 and 5 days. This can take place in a concentrated block or over an extended period. Participants tend to work in pairs.
In each instance the exact duration, intensity and mode of the process is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Buying a course

Precisely because we recognise that organisations have complex and nuanced needs, the first step is to book our free initial consultation. This will cover off:  

  • how our unique coaching approach can serve the development needs of your key people
  • the specific benefits of coached experiential learning for your organisation
  • potential populations/cohorts
  • learning outcomes, improved performance measures
  • training needs analysis

 To book your free consultation simply call or email us today.  

Or experiencing it first

We regularly invite clients to observe an aspect of one of our programmes in action.

But since nothing beats the real thing we invite you to dip your toe in the water in our ‘taster’ sessions which run on regular quarterly dates and allow you to sample the experience for yourself.

If you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you: for an informal discussion do give us a call.

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